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New Jersey Singer / Songwriter Wade Lynch’s first solo release ‘La Lutte’ offers Americana Rock with slick arrangements and compelling lyrics. Check it out on spotify.​

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'La Lutte' is an accumulation of a lifetime of dedication to songcraft. Performed by a proven cast of characters and new collaborators. Available now on Amazon Music.

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An original EP written by Wade Lynch and Jaki Belghit. Music by Wade and supporting artists Jaki Belghit, Colin Legret, Hannah Cope, Jim Maving, and Alexandra Lynch. Download or stream using iTunes.

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Jack Kerouac on the highways and deserted beaches. Americana. The troubadour lifestyle, a suitcase in one hand and a guitar in the other. Leaving everything behind searching for the truth.

I was born and grew up in New Jersey where I experienced a maelstrom of musical influences, from my brothers, with their funky little band, to Mr Vallone, the renowned teacher on my block with everyone under his spell. Like Carl Mazzola, one of the best guitar players in town. You heard it, music caressing the night air when you opened your tiny window in the blazing heat of summer.

I was fortunate to have access to my brother’s impressive record collection, and I learnt from the best. The Beatles, Bob Dylan, bristling with talent and edge, whether through Dylan’s protest songs or the political activism of John Lennon – shot dead on his doorstep because of what he represented.

One person, I figured, can really make a difference.

I spent my youth at anti-apartheid and rock against racism events where I hung out with older guys who taught me the ways of the world. You know, sometimes it’s good to look at things with new eyes.

Americana is everywhere. It is in the spirit of getting up in the morning deeply in love in the baked sunsets of Mexico or in a flat share in London where I ended up in the 90s, in and out of jobs. I was perfecting my song when stumbling into Ellen Blair, who toured with Soul to Soul and Duran Duran. Her support is what drove me forward through the lashing rain of the inevitable.

Americana is everywhere. It’s in France, where I raise my family under a Parisian sky. It’s meeting Jaki and Colin, two amazing musicians with whom I create music for over sixteen years. It’s in the deep love and friendship that we’ve built up over time – the secret ingredient to our music. And it’s working with my newest UK collaborators: Jim Maving, finalist for instrumentalist of the year in 2019 by Americana Music Association UK, and Hannah Cope.

I left France for Galway, looking for work. Ireland, the birthplace of my grandfather, where I was exposed to some of the most culturally diverse music of my life. The enchanting sound of the banjo. Immense accordion virtuosity. Back to my roots where something clicked; these are my people. My people. Ireland, where music is not just music; it’s part of the soul of the country.

Americana is the Wild West, the circus and the freakshows; it’s in the melancholy gaze of the cowboy, Custer’s Last Stand, the savage cold in the dark, in the campfire revelation of song. Waiting for you in the barren landscapes of Paris, Texas and the only-too-human Ry Cooder soundtrack.

I’d love to share with you my latest solo release, an accumulation of a lifetime of dedication to songcraft stripped to its purest form. Looking forward to your thoughts and seeing you at my gigs.


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Photo Credits: Gerda Hrunka, Edoardo Cantiello, Céline Lynch, Colin Legret

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Check Your History

We had our summertime

Now it’s all grey skies

Believing my own lies


Walked a frigid mile

On some crooked line

Though You’ve hit your stride

I’ve loved lost and lied


Dive in with both feet

What you do is key

Words they fall short of deeds

Can’t this trial just proceed?


Saviors won’t arrive

Faith can make you blind

Stand here silently

While you Check your history


It’s bound to coincide

With some wounded pride

A wave of pure denial


Watch it linger here

Twisted Solitaire

Like some billionaire

Let’s shed light on his plans


False hostility

Moral Vagrancy

Watch your life skip a beat

Don’t forget your receipt


Down through space and time

Counting on Decline

You can’t trust though you’ve seen

Have you checked your history?


We still have Summer times

Under autumn skies

Believing my own lies

Man-made satellite


Bend both space and time

Cosmic paradigms

It’s your street Plant your feet

Take your turn grab your seat

Young man learned the word

Was Johannesburg

Still a crime that exists

Close your eyes make a fist


Saviors all agree

Dive in with both feet

No strength to deny

The Stranger here inside


I’ve been driven here

Someone took the wheel

Let me stand aside

A rare passive slide


Turned it on a dime

Flipped my head in time

Be that thing you need

As I’ve checked my history

There’s something I gotta say to you

Well it’s no surprise

That big old heart you claim to have

Well it’s full of spite


One thing you gotta know

I’m not one of those

But if it could be done

You’d block out the sun


This big old town been bad for me I gotta say

And so I ran ten thousand miles

Just to get away


All those people I used to know

They’re still the same

I gotta let them know how much that I’ve grown and changed


One thing you gotta know

I’m not one of those

But if it could be done

You’d block out the sun


These holy rollers from one horse towns

They’re without a care

So I ran ten thousand miles where I stood and stared

In a world divided it’s on its knees

There’s a tide to turn on this we all agree


If you build your house from the finest stone

It’ll can carry on when the child is gone


In a world defined by its endless greed

There’s a time to learn feel a stranger’s need


You can build you house from the finest steel

When the child is gone we no longer dream


It’s a race we’re running but its not our pace

You become aware there’s steeper hills to chase

But If you build your house on some solid ground

When the child is gone, letting go feels proud

It Took too long to figure out

Remember when turned into doubts


There’s a space somewhere for me

It Pulls from distant memories


And All this time I’ve run the wheel

Now the blood’s been spilled for real

In this dream we’ve loads of time

But gravity crashed in tonight


It’s a tragedy here that shows

All that weight you bear you must own

But Stick around you never know

Just let me in cause I’m so alone


Like a shadow on the street

An empty shade of what could be

In this dream we’ve loads of time

Then Gravity crashed in tonight


It’s a tragedy that grows

All that weight bear you must own

But Stick I’ll soon be home

Just let me in cause I’m so alone


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