Check Your History

We had our summertime

Now it’s all grey skies

Believing my own lies


Walked a frigid mile

On some crooked line

Though You’ve hit your stride

I’ve loved lost and lied


Dive in with both feet

What you do is key

Words they fall short of deeds

Can’t this trial just proceed?


Saviors won’t arrive

Faith can make you blind

Stand here silently

While you Check your history


It’s bound to coincide

With some wounded pride

A wave of pure denial


Watch it linger here

Twisted Solitaire

Like some billionaire

Let’s shed light on his plans


False hostility

Moral Vagrancy

Watch your life skip a beat

Don’t forget your receipt


Down through space and time

Counting on Decline

You can’t trust though you’ve seen

Have you checked your history?


 We still have Summer times

 Under autumn skies

 Believing my own lies

 Man-made satellite


Bend both space and time

Cosmic paradigms

It’s your street Plant your feet

Take your turn grab your seat

Young man learned the word

 Was Johannesburg

 Still a crime that exists

  Close your eyes make a fist


Saviors all agree

Dive in with both feet

No strength to deny

The Stranger here inside


I’ve been driven here

Someone took the wheel

Let me stand aside

A rare passive slide


Turned it on a dime

Flipped my head in time

Be that thing you need

As I’ve checked my history